1995: In the 90-95 period we added cylindrical cork stoppers to our list of products. We were not manufacturing in Valdepeñas, we would buy the cork in Extremadura or Andalucía and make the stoppers there, almost always in San Vicente de Alcántara. We also bought readymade stoppers.

So in this period we had the same problems as the rest of the industry. We still remember how traumatic it was whenever we got a complaint. Complaints had such a huge impact on us that in 1995 we decided to turn our approach around, and although our resources were limited, we began working towards total quality and preparing to earn ISO 9002 certification.

We also undertook a new investment to extend the factory to twice the size.

Our market was still limited to our own region and the areas around it.

1996: We achieved ISO 9002 quality certification, becoming only the second company in the province to earn it, and possibly the first in Spain in this industry.

We finished the investment project we had begun the year before.

We changed the factory, with new machinery for our new goal: to take on the national market. We had a new image, a new approach to quality, and we began to locate representatives in the different wine-making regions.

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