1999: In this short period (96-99), while our product and quality control were already quite a bit better than the industry average, it was clear to us that we still had a long way to go.

We were setting high standards for ourselves, and this led us to the conclusion that we needed another investment project to give us total control over the manufacturing of our product: TRACEABILITY.

Since then, traceability has been part of our daily lives and is present everywhere we work. It was our dream that one day we would control 100% of the process, as we do now, so we could give our customers the guarantee of 100% safety in our corks.

These dreams became reality. Another investment project which we would call GLM 1. So we created a factory where freshly harvested cork could be processed, with natural curing in the yard and all the other steps that go into making stoppers.

And that year Lady Luck was on our side, as a few days after we commissioned the factory, the Quercus Project (the precursor of Systecode) was presented at the University of Alcalá de Henares, and the information this provided meant the factory would be so complete from the project stage that so far we have not needed to change it, even now with the Systecode Premium certificate. We continued improving to reach the next stage, the Systecode Excellence certificate.

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