If we look at our 28 years of history in the context of three centuries in which different types of cork stoppers have been used to close bottles, we have to admit ours is still a young company.

1986: Our company began simply, with the modest goal of meeting the demand for the kind of stoppers most often used locally. These were cork stoppers with plastic heads.

We began with a single automatic gluing machine, in premises belonging to the co-founder of the company, who is now its General Manager and Chairman.

1990: After just 3 years we were realising that such a small company, with so few resources, was not going to make much progress, especially with just one, low value product. So that year we set out to increase our capital and construct our own building in the Valdepeñas Industrial Estate.

This was the start of a journey which in 2014 is still far from ended.

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