Since 2011

In 2011: “25th ANNIVERSARY”. Although Spain and our industry were deep in crisis, things were still going well for us. So, with quite a few foreign customers already, and a presence in practically all the winemaking regions of Spain, we thought of a new way to make life difficult for ourselves. The solution: ANOTHER INVESTMENT PROJECT. But not only that – the biggest one so far. We put nearly two million euros into changing the brand image and almost everything in GLM 2 (a manufacturing area, new equipment, a new fully equipped laboratory, and new offices). In short, a new factory, with the same name as in 1986.

The two years after this milestone were much tougher, and we felt the full effects of the crisis. Our customers were suffering, and we were certainly in the same boat.

But we can thank our good reputation abroad for getting us out of the crisis quickly, as this year we are making a clear profit and we are seeing growth of around 40% in units and revenue.

We have changed our website, modernising and updating it, and we expect to enjoy a second year of work in the 6 foreign offices we created this year.

We are still making plans for the future, and our main goal is still total control over the process, improving it a little every day until we reach that much-desired 100% effectiveness.

In 2015: After two years of testing, it was decided implement a new process. This consists of a triple washing in natural water, (decalcified and dechlorinated) which eliminates most of existing tannins and polyphenols in the cork stoppers. Thus, with the pyrazines control during the cork curing period in the sun, we get our cork stoppers to be very neutral and we prevent to a large extent, the organoleptic deviations that bother so much the winemakers.

In 2016: The punching line was modified by automating both the punch feed and the waste collection, which made possible an increased production and cost reduction, at the same time that the capacity of the dimensional adjustment line of the raw cork stoppers doubled.

In 2017: A new system for the purification of cooking waters was installed, and we obtained the quality and food safety certification BRC as well.

All of this following our idea of improving all processes and controlling 100% traceability, for the purpose of giving the highest guarantee and safety in the use of our cork stoppers.

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