As a signer of this comment, and with due respect, for my life experience, I share this idea.

Today, 4 hours after having been downloaded the first cork truck of this campaign, we received he visit/audit of one of our most loyal customers, D.Jesús Laguna (Technical Director of Vinos y Aceites Laguna from Villaconejos, Madrid).

And, believe me, this makes us stand firm and never lower our guard.

At the end of the 3-hour visit, Mr.Laguna congratulated us because he did not find anything during the visit that our sales representative, Mr.Iberti, had not told him in so many years of relationship.

This encourages us to continue inviting our customers to know us, just as we are.

Valdepeñas, 19 June, 2019

Francisco González Sánchez
Chief Executive Officer.

Publicado: 24/06/2019 en General

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