For another year we wanted to get to know in situ the peculiarities of the cork harvest. The visit was mainly of a technical nature and we were accompanied by some technicians of interested customers.

The year is being very hard and difficult for everyone. Especially for the cork harvest specialists, who had to endure temperatures of almost 40 ° C all day during the visit. And, of course, for those who, like us, control traceability from the origin and we see that due to the bad weather, some country estates have to cut short the cork harvest due to the high temperatures and the fact that it only rained minimally in Spain this year.

When we check the attached videos, the fixed ‘tenants’ are who feel better at these days. We refer to the Iberian pigs who, for their satisfaction and while they are looking for their food, have these small lakes where they can make the high temperatures more bearable.

Regarding this year’s cork, we can assure you that the quality is very good, but if we are unlucky we could face a very short campaign.

We will continue reporting when we finish the cork harvest.

Publicado: 03/07/2019 en General

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