Indeed, after 8 weeks of hard work in the Sierras de Aracena (Huelva) and San Pedro (Cáceres), for this year, we have finished and we have all the cork perfectly stacked (photos 1 and 2), now receiving very high temperatures of July and waiting for the very cold ones that will await it to pass in the months of January, February and March, so that, after the spring, it can be in a position to be able to be worked and give us the corks that in 2023 will cover millions of very good wine bottles.

We have been optimistic and we have bet that in 2022 the wine will have once again all its splendor and it will be able to make us a little happier and to forget the nightmare that, for almost two years, the terrible COVID 19 will have lasted. For this reason, our provisioning of this campaign has been 50% higher than the purchases of last year 2020.

We are very happy with the quality of the cork for this season, approximately 80% from the Sierra de San Pedro and 20% from the Sierra de Aracena. Precisely the cork of this Sierra is FSC and is placed in the pile 4 (photo 3) and part of pile 5 (about 60,000 kg)

We make the observation that pile 9 (photo 4) corresponds to the 2020 cork harvest and is the last one that we will process from the previous campaign. This has the peculiarity that after 130 TCA analyses, at the 42,000 kilos that it weighed, all the analyses have resulted in <2 ng / l. of TCA. For us it is a whole record, which obliges us to publicly congratulate our technicians “finders” of farms, and also, our best recognition of the property of the “La Longuerilla” Farm where this cork came from in the Sierra de San Pedro.

July 2021

Publicado: 03/08/2021 en General

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