As you will remember, a few days ago I gave you my opinion on why “things are almost never by chance” and today I have the opportunity to demonstrate one more example of this reality.

If you check the location of the farms mentioned in my previous article, “Calabazas” and “La Cobacha de Castellanos”, you will see that both of them are bordering and are on the N-523 road that goes from Puebla de Obando to Cáceres. Well, this year we have purchased the cork from the Finca Longuerilla for the first time, and curiously they are also neighbours of those mentioned above and of course, it cannot be a coincidence that this is also an excellent cork.

Last week, we made a visit in the middle of the cork harvest and made a video of “the peeling” of a beautiful tree. By the way, it gave just over 200 kgs. cork.

I have been fortunate to meet the owner’s children, Mrs. Victoria Galán (Victoria and Julio, as well as her son-in-law Jorge) and, honestly, if the cork does not change in the next harvests, I am very willing to negotiate with this family in the future.

Valdepeñas, June 15, 2020

Francisco González Sánchez


Publicado: 19/06/2020 en General

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